Italian style…

6 Aug

Sfortunatamente for me, I’ve just returned from a week in lovely, sunny Italy, with lazy days of sunshine and pomodoro pretty much on tap.

Sitting around reading (without Twitter or texting or even a computer screen anywhere near me) gave me plenty of time to think about what’s important to me, and one of those is just being creative. A week of enforced laziness (and art galleries) has made me want to spend more time going the way less travelled on my bike, making proper food, making things, reading things.

When I got home I cleared away all the rusting crap on the balcony and planted some lavender, rosemary, flowery things. They will probably all die in the barren windtunnel that passes my flat, but it felt good to be digging around in mud.

Speaking of bikes, I got sort of knocked off mine on Saturday. A woman stepped out without looking – I swerved – and my bike tumbled over, pitching me and an embarrassingly middle-class array of shopping (onions, brown rice, skimmed milk) across the road. People, mainly old ladies, came out of nowhere to help me and I was struck by the general kindness of Londoners, which you don’t normally see. Coupled with the lit-up glitterball of the Olympics as viewed from the plane as it landed, I feel very proud of my city right now…



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