A riot going on

8 Aug

I went past the Cross Bones Graveyard at lunchtime. In case you don’t know, it’s a pauper’s unconsecrated burial ground in south London dating back to medieval times. It contains hundreds of skeletons of the “outcast dead”, particularly the prostitutes of the area.

The ground is up for redevelopment and locked behind rusty gates – which have been embellished with layers of ribbon, scraps of material, dolls, flowers, bottles, beads, bells and toys over the years by passersby and local people, and most poignantly poems and remembrances of the dead, both of the distant and recent past.

It’s a garish chaos but also a peaceful tribute and madly beautiful. It also made me think of the Pussy Riot trial going on.

Not only are they outsiders, but also have inspired creatives around the world from Madonna to Yoko Ono to speak out on their cause. I particularly like this response, Lets Start a Pussy Riot, a call to action using art and writing.


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