Home thoughts

21 Oct

I have been thinking a lot this weekend about what home means. I went to visit my friend in Brighton who has the cutest flat with garden and cat and shelf over the oven with decorative teapots. There’s a view down over the stacked streets of the town, with the Downs on the horizon, smoky and green.

It would be my perfect house – and one that would never exist in London.

I’ve been in London for five years, and I would say it is my home. But I have never found ‘a home’ here. It’s always been a succession of rented flats, some with mould, some not, some icy cold, some with odd last-minute flatmate-website occupants. Now I live somewhere that is none of those things, but it’s still not ‘mine’. I don’t know why that’s so important to me, why I itch so much to have ‘my’ furniture and ‘my’ choice of paint (and of course ”my’ cat).

Perhaps it’s because I’m nearing a, ahem, significant birthday. But until that mythical ‘job in New York’ comes along, I’m craving somewhere settled. Here.


One Response to “Home thoughts”

  1. mandymunroe May 10, 2013 at 7:26 pm #

    For some reason your posts have all just fallen into my reader. I’m enjoying catching up with them!

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