You Are Awesome

3 Nov

… why thank you!

This little book by Abbey Hendrickson contains “21 crafts to make you happy” and it certainly made me smile.

First mention must go to the design- it’s a sweet size, with unusual board covers and a colour scheme of bright neon orange.

There are 21 projects, each with pretty photographs and illustrations. I particularly liked this idea for decorating shop-bought birds and fixing them to branches:

Plus these geometric ornaments made from wooden building blocks are a treat:

And this clothes-pin skier is fun as a kids’ project:

There are lots of new ideas to try, and it definitely made me want to have a go at making things out of wood (the bookends painted with botanical designs are particularly cute); something I haven’t done since the ill-starred “pencil holder” at school.

Do you like making things out of wood? Do you own tools, have a work bench? I’d love to know.

Thanks to Cicada Books for the review copy, and also check out Abbey’s lovely blog Aesthetic Outburst.


One Response to “You Are Awesome”

  1. mandymunroe May 10, 2013 at 7:17 pm #

    I love wood almost as much as fabric. No tools, I’d love an electric sander to help me rescue and upcycle more furniture.

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