Christmas wreath project

20 Dec

This little project appeared in Company magazine this December – all you need is a wire coathanger, baubles, ribbons and anything sparkly you have lying around the house!



You will need:

Wire coat hanger


Christmas tree baubles

Ribbon – 2m each satin/sequinned/organza

Scraps of ribbon/trims/beads





Clear nail varnish (optional)


Step 1. First of all, stretch your coat hanger into a circle. Untwizzle the hook – you will need to use pliers for this.



Step 2. Thread the baubles onto the coat hanger – pass the wire through the metal loop on top of each bauble. Twist the hook together again using the pliers – be careful as the ends can be sharp.

Step 3. Cut long strips of the wadding, about 5cm wide and 50cm long. Begin wrapping a strip firmly around your coat hanger circle, beginning at the hook. It helps to begin with the wadding strip on a slant. Sew in place as you go – it doesn’t have to be neat. As you go, tuck the baubles in between, one every 10cm or so. The wadding will hold the baubles in place.



Step 4. Wrap around another layer of the wadding strip – more loosely this time, and sew in place.

Step 5. Cut your sequinned and satin ribbon into 50cm-long strips. Wrap them around the circle, sewing them in place like before, and tucking them around the baubles. Use sewing thread which matches your ribbon. Keep going until you have covered all the wadding.


Step 6. Make some curly organza ribbon! To do this, cut it into 25cm-ish lengths. Sew loosely along one long side – then pull on your thread and curl up the ribbon. Stitch it onto your wreath for a 3D effect.

Step 7. Get decorating! I sewed on scraps of ribbon and made bows out of strings of sequins. I used thin ribbon to tie beads and old sparkly hairslides onto the wreath. Dab clear nail varnish onto the knots to keep them in place.


Step 8. Wind some ribbon around the hook, sewing it in place. And you’re done!



One Response to “Christmas wreath project”

  1. Juliet Bawden January 9, 2013 at 4:11 pm #

    The wreath would make a really cool necklace

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