How to do What Delilah Did

23 Jul

I was lucky enough to interview the lovely Sophie behind What Delilah Did.

Her new book is called Storyland Cross Stitch and it’s a really lovely whimsical collection of cross stitch projects influenced by fairy stories, but with a darker, rather gothy edge. Check out this Big Bad Wolf, I love the silhouette of the unfortunate birdie he’s chomped:

Big Bad Wolf from Storyland Cross Stitch

Sophie aka Delilah (the business name comes from the name she gave to her headless mannequin in a previous career as a fashion stylist, and to her first stitched profile – nothing to do with Tom Jones) also had an inspiring story to tell about how, like lots of us, she was creative at school but floundered a little afterwards, trying various careers but not knowing what to settle on.

After coming across an antique embroidered monogram, she realised that the cross stitch patterns she wanted didn’t exist so created her own and posted the images on Flickr. Such was the demand that she founded an Etsy shop, which became a business (with kits stocked in Liberty, no less!) and she went full-time in February this year. The dream, huh?

But Sophie had lots of wise (and inspiring!) things to say about making and starting your own creative business that I just wanted to share with you:

“It’s almost a compulsion to make things – because I don’t really have a choice, I imagine something and the only way I can get it is to make it. I feel happiest when I’m making things – especially when I’m stitching.”


“I do it [at Delilah] all myself. I’m very passionate about British production. While I do outsource some [products],  I make everything myself on my website, do the styling and photographs myself. I love what I do.”


“When you have a creative business, you spend 70% + of your time answering emails and doing the business side. But despite the deadlines it’s my dream job.”


“If you want something enough and are prepared to work for it, you can do anything.”

Storyland Cross StitchPlease do check out What Delilah Did and the new book.


One Response to “How to do What Delilah Did”

  1. mandymunroe July 29, 2013 at 11:59 am #

    Love the wolf! I also have a compulsion to create and agree with her sentiments entirely. Good luck with the book Sophie, thanks for sharing.

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